Spiritual Personality Development

In addition to external relationships, it is also possible to draw the spiritual nature of a particular personality by focusing deeply on that personality. For example, by deeply and continuously pondering the photo of a saint, we will be able to become like him. Likewise, by thinking regularly about God and the saints, we can develop a spiritual personality. We will develop sattvic personality more quickly if we do not meditate deeply on God; with meditation, in prayer asking for His enlightenment in order to change our personality.

However, always remember that if our whole heart is with someone, we will not only attract good qualities from that person but also their defects. That is a very important reason why we should only think of good people or even holy people. If we concentrate on the thoughts of evil people, unless we are stronger than them, if not we will attract their evil qualities.

Awareness of the true Personality

The ego, which is focused on one body of personality is a mistake that seems to separate individuality from its true self. In fact, our being is far greater than that. The soul was created to return to God. By meditating and going inside, we can experience happiness from the nature of our souls. The more we are able to maintain that awareness beyond meditation, our personality will increasingly reflect His love, harmony, and goodness. That is the true personality of the Self. Human imperfection is just a transplant to the inner divine nature.

In the soul, we are eternal, but in our personality, we cannot regain awareness of that immortality until all human imperfections are erased. Working on ourselves is like carving stone for a statue; gradually the image will be formed in all its perfection.

The lesson of reincarnation is to neutralize waves of joy and sorrow, desires and hatred, with expressions of kindness, forgiveness, and compassion for all people, and with firm satisfaction from within. We must learn to love others, not because of their personalities, but because they are manifestations of God, who dwells equally in all beings.

To find out who we really are in eternity we must draw our awareness from the identification of the senses that have determined our ego-consciousness. Even when living in ego-consciousness, we must consider ourselves to be infinite heirs. The better we are able to identify ourselves with the soul rather than with this small body and personality, the more real we will become the words Tat-tvam-asi "(I am that or I am Brahman).

Soul Potential

Self-realization is the development of the personality of the Self to the highest potential. Self-realization is the potential of the Soul, not human potential. This means not because of ego personality but as a soul, the soul within is part of God. Self-awareness means realizing the Oneness of God within oneself with God and free of any identification with the body or external personality.

By developing individuality which is an expression of God's presence within us, our increasingly sharp personalities also become strong and attractive. With the development of our divine nature, through meditation, we gradually eliminate the limits of a lifetime. We become detached from the body; we no longer feel identified with it. The more we experience our true Self-awareness, our Oneness with the Divine is realized.

Striving to always develop personalities that come from living in God's ongoing awareness. Any other personality will cause disappointment because all human expressions have limitations.